Martha Ballard's Diary, September 29 - October 2, 1786

29 6
X Birth. X X Ezra Hodges Son. XX
Clear. ye Girls washt. mr Ballard workt on ye Rode by ye mill. mr Vaun here. I did hous work & Sowd Seeds. was Calld by mr Pollard at 6/ PM to mrs Hodges. Shee in Travil and was Safe Delvd of a fine Son about 11/. I then wint in hast to mrs Brown in Travil, arivd there at midnit.   
30 7
Birth. Georg Browns Son.
Mrs Brown Calld her women & was Safe Delivrd at noon of a Son which wd 11-1/4 lb. I went after Dinner to See Capt Savages wife, find her able to Set up. returnd home at half after 6/PM. find mr Williams & wife here. I went to Bed at Eight.   
1 1
Birth. Daniel Savig Juners Son. XX
I was Calld at 3 ys morn to Daniel Savages wife in travil. Shee was Safe Deliverd at Two aftern of a Son. I Left her & Child Cleverly & arivd at home about 6/, then went to See Mrs Hodges, Shee being not So well as I could wish. Calld to see Betsy Chever who is not well. returnd home at 9. mr Crage here. Polly & Thoph here at Evinng.   
2 2
I was Calld 6/ ys morn to See mrs Hodges, found her very ill. adminstred a Clister & other remedies whi[ch] gave relief. returnd hom at 5/, found Clars Barton here. Dolly & Shee went to mr Crages to See Hannah.   

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.