Martha Ballard's Diary, September 8 - 16, 1786

8 6
Clear. I gatherd Biens. Gillbrh Dind here. mrs Powers, Cate Scott & Hannh Fuller drank Coffee. Wilm & wife here, mrs Bisbee & Lidia.   
9 7
Clear. I gatherd Seeds & did hous work. Cyrus & Hannah went to Son Towns. Jones, of winthrop, dind here. mr Ballard Came home at night.   
10 A
A very hott day. I was Calld to Capt Savages at Evinng, watcht. Cyrus returnd from Towns.   
11 2
Cyrus 30 years old ys Day. I came home by Fort western. Dolly washt. mr Ballard Surveying for mr Vaun, gone ys night.   
12 3
A rainy day. mr Ballard Came home. mr Luis & Nathl Low Breakfasd here. Dolly Spun Some wool.   
13 4
Cloudy morn. I was Calld to See mrs Foster, find her very unwell. I Bathd her Throat, Drest her Blisters & Did for her as far as I Coold. Dolly Being unwell, I returnd. Bathd her Throat & am at home Still. mr Ballard gone to ye hook in mr Vauns Business, returnd ys Evinng.   
14 5
Clear. mr Ballard gone to ye hook again. mrs Pollard & mrs Hodges here, Drank Coffee. Clarisa Barton Sleeps here. Jono unwell, Sleeps on a Bed by ye fire. Dolly unwell also.   
15 6
Clear. Jono is Better. mr Ballard at Doct Coneys fore noon, making plan aftern. Dolly & Clarisa went to Capt Sualls. Shee went home towards night. Polly Hamlin Sleeps with Dolly. I feel some unwell.   
16 7
Clear. mr Ballard at ye hook. Jono gon to Sandy River. Jonathan Wiman here from ye westwd. Brot Letters from our friends. Polly went home. Saml Stephens & his wife of winthp to mill[]. mr Wiman Informs yt mr Streater, a preacher, is Lately Departed this Life, Left a lg family.   

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.