Martha Ballard's Diary, September 2 - 7, 1786

2 7
I have been at home. Benjamin White Brot me a pair of Flat Irons, prs 6/, which is my fee, 2/ remains, Due for remidies. Dolly is 14 years of age this Day. Parthena Barton here. mr Ballard mett ye Select Gentlemen at mr Pollards this fore noon.   
3 A
Clear. I was Calld to Capt Savages to See his wife & Sett up with her this Night. mr Ballard went to Winthrop to meeting.   
4 2
I Came home from Capt Savages. Left her more Comfortable. Betsy Thomas Better. I have been to See mrs Weston. mrs Turner there with the Babe. mr Ballard been to the Hook on Busins for mr Vaun.   
5 3
A rainy day. I have been at home. Jonathan was very voialant. Seasd with feaver and universally pained. we put him to Bed, applyd onions to his feet, gave him tees to promote Sweting. Set up wt him till 1/O/Clok.   
6 4
Clear. Jonothan much Better. mr Balrd gone to ye hook. mr Weston & wife, mrs Pollard & Coy, Drank Tea here. Mr Smyle Sleeps here. Hannah & Dolly been to mr Westons, Hanh with Polly Hamlin.   
7 5
Clear. mr Ballard gone to ye hok Surve[ying]. mrs Porter here ys afternn. mr Jones [&] Ezekl Leighton Sleep here. I have been [  ]. made a Syrrup for mrs Weston.   

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.