Martha Ballard's Diary, August 28 - September 1, 1786

28 2
this is Daughter Towns Birth Day, aged 28 years. I am not So well as I coold wish. my girls washing. Hannah North here, Says her Mame is Coming to See me. David Fletchers wife was Delivrd of a Son ye 22 inst. Mrs North & ye two mrs Coxs here, mr Brooks wh them. mr Ballard wt to mr Bisbees. Doct Coney here, Says mrs Hardin is unwell again. Polly & Sally, Theophs & [Jemmy] & Elijah Crage here at Evinng.   
29 3
X Birth. Moses Whites Dafter. X
a rainy day. I was Calld to moses Whiles, his wife in travil. I went by water to Jacsons Landing then walkd, arivd at 1 O Clok. Shee was Safely Delivd of a Dafter about 5. I rode to ye fort, Crost ye river, arivd at home at 8 ys Eving. found Theophels, Daniel & Eliphelit here a Setling yr Sawing afairs. I Chargd mr White 7/ for Extractn & medisin.   
30 4
a Clear Day. I went to See Sally Brown. She is very unwell. Mr Ballard went to Survay Land for Doct Coney. Mrs Edson Brot me home 24 & 3/4 yds Cottne & Linning Cloath wh Shee wove.   
31 5
Clear. I have been at home. mr Ballard gone to Colo Howards. Hannah & Polly & Elizh Crage wt to mr Bisbees & Faughts on a visit. I was Calld to Ben Whites at half after 10, his wife in travil.   
1 6
Birth X Benjan Whites Dafter X
Put mrs White Safe to Bed with a Dafter at 3/O Clock aftrn. I returnd home this Evinng much fatagud, had Collic Symtons. took Some pepper pod steept which [remoovd] it. we are informd yt James Runells, who livs up ye river, struk one Cymbol with an ax on his head. his Life is not Expected.   

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.