Martha Ballard's Diary, July 27 - August 1, 1786

27 5
Clear. I carded Cottne & Cutt Aulders and maid a Sort of a fence part round the yard By the mill Pond, and then was Calld to Eliab Shaws to See his Children, they being Sick with ye Canker rash. Hannah North, Tammy & Sally Cox here. Brot a quarter of Lamb, wt 7-1/2 lb. Polly Bisbe & Adams here to Day.   
28 6
Clear & Cool morn. the girls Scourd & washt ye floors. mr Leighton Dind here. we had Roast Lamb, pees & Cucumbers. I was informd yt mr Coller of winslow has Buried 2 Daughters, all they had.   
29 7
Clear & hott. mr Ballard, Savage and Cowen mending ye Dam. I went afternn to mr Edsons & Carried 32 Skeins of Linning warp for her to weave, 11-1/2 skns of Tow yn & 8 of Cottne. the girls went to nr Savages for green Peas. I let ym have 1 lb of Butter.   
30 A
Clear. I attended Devine Servis. Revd Mr Moore performd. mr Bullins yongest Dafter Fainted & was Carried out of ye hous to mr Pollards. Shee recoverd her Sences just as Servis was Ended. I attended aftern. Polly Taylor and her Sister supt here. mr Fairfield wounded.   
31 2
Clear. ye girls washt & Bakt & Browd 1/2 Barril of Beere. mr Ballard went to Church meeting. Mr Leighton & Ezekiel Came to work for us, Epm Cowen also. we Receivd a Great wheal from Nathan Tylor. [Sal] Cowen Delivd of a dafter.   
1 3
Clear. our men went to mow ye Meddow near mr Taylors. mr Ballard & Ephm went to Carry yr Dinner. old mrs Bolton & mrs Savage Drank Coffee here. we spun Some. Polly Taylor Sleeps here. I feele unwell. mrs Duttin Dilivrd of a Dafter, I hear.   

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.