Martha Ballard's Diary, July 16 - 22, 1786

16 A
A Clear, hott day. I attended ye public worship aftern, & Bakt Bisquits for Jono to Carry to Sea. Polly Hamlin here, mr Collar also from winslow. he brot his wife & oldest Daughter to varsalboro to see Doct Williams.   
17 2
Clear. the wido Foster & Oliver, Epm Stevens & Pamela Barton Dind here. mr Stevens paid me 6/8 for attending his wife in travil & ye 26 of Last February. I went ys aftern to See mrs Copelin, met her at mr Pollards, spent ye afternn there. mr Ballard & Cowan went Carry a raft of Boards to Capt Huskinss Vesl. Jonathan gone on Board Bound for Boston.   
18 3
it began to rain about twelv, a Stormy aftern. ye Girls & I spinng Cottne. I had ye Collic all night. mr Ballard been to Pits town.   
19 4
Cloudy morn. Polly Hamln here. Doctr Barton Breakfasted with us. we Began to hill our Corn.   
20 5
Clear. Briant Fletcher Dind here. the wido Howard, mrs Ferwell, mrs Betsy & Polly Howard here afternn. I went to mr Williamss about Sun Sett. it rains ys Evinng.   
21 6
Clear & hott. mrs Coy Breakfasted & Dind here. I have been at home, gatherd herbs. ye girls went to mr Williamss. heard Sally Fletcher is unwell. mrs Fletcher Sent me Some Sheeps wool, 1-1/2 lb.   
22 7
I was at mr Williamss ys Day. Polly Fletchr with her Sister Sally. Dolly Came for me. Rode my New Side Saddle Brot home ys Day.   

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.