Martha Ballard's Diary, June 20 - 26, 1786

20 3
Mr Ballard went to ye hook. I went to Williams. Levy Moore & David Smily here, informs that Sister Barton was Dilivd of a son Last Sunday, her twelvth child and 5 son. Briant Fletcher had his arm Broke by the fall of a tree.   
21 4
Clear and Cool. thee Girls washt & Scourd & washt ye floors. mr Ballard went to Bisha Cowens. mrs Woodward here. Jono been to Cobese. I have been at home. ye girls went to mr Westons after they had done work.   
22 5
Clear morn. mr Ballard went to the NW part of ye Town to take Valluation. I went afternn to mr Westons, mr Pollards, Colon Norths & mr Williamss . Dolly & Betsy Chever went to mr Bisbies & mr Fauts a visiting.   
23 6
A Shoury Day. Polly Hamln here to work. I went to See mr Williamss, he is Lame. Ephm Cowin Brot Turnip Plants from Wilmss. mr Ballard at mr Pollards.   
24 7
A Clear warm day. mr Ballard at work on the Rode up ye hill N of our hous I spun Some Cotten for mrs Weston & finisht a pair of Tow hoes for mr Ballard. ye Girls went to Nr Williamss. mr Halloway mendd puter for me. Polly went home ys morn.   
25 A
A Clear day. Benn Brown Calld here going to attend worship at Winthrop. mr Williams here; I applid a plaster of Comphry to his ancle. I have red in mr Marshalls Gospel Mistry Mystery of Sanctification.   
26 2
this is 17 years Since ye Death of my Daft, Triphina, who Deceast Æ 4 yr & 3 months. I was Calld ys day to See mrs Weston, Shee being unwell. mrs North unwell also. Parthena Barton here, Bt 2 gown patren.   

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.