Martha Ballard's Diary, June 14 - 20, 1786

14 4
I have been at home. Savage Boltens wife & Polly Savage & Polly Hamlin here. my Girls washt. Little Isaac Savage rode hors to plough half ye day.   
15 5
Clear. I have been at home. mrs Bisbee and Lidia here. I went to ye field. Isaac Savage here from Coart. mrs Chamberlin & mrs Clough. mr Ballard went to ye Hook for Stors which mr Bonny Brt from Boston. 1 Barril Pork, 1 Do of Rhum, 01 lb Chocolot. Eph went with him.   
16 6
Clear. I have been at home. Bakt flower Bread & mad Soap. mr Lee was here. Hannah workt for Polly Hmln. Dolly & Polly Town went to mr Crages. mr Foster brot a pair of shoes for Polly which Cyrus givs her.   
17 7
A rainy Day. Mr Ballard & Lee Settld & Lee gave a note of 11=13:7 for the Ballance. I have been at home, hoad ye Peas aftern. mrs Bolton had 1/2 lb Tea for plants.   
18 A
Birth. mr Gordins Dafter. X. receivd not any thing.
Cloudy forenn. I was Calld at 8 O/Clok ys morn to Mr Gordins, his wife in Travil. found her Put to bed by old mrs Fletcher with a Dafter. I calld at mr Willims on my return, found her unwell. tarried there till towards Eving, left her more Comfortable. mr Lee here at Evng and Polly Hamlin.   
19 2
I was at home. mr Chamberln workt here. Uriah Cleark & wife & Son & mrs Wilms Drank Tea here, Daniel Robbins also. Broth Moore sent for his Nails & some Rhum.   
20 3
Mr Ballard went to ye hook. I went to Williams. Levy Moore & David Smily here, informs that Sister Barton was Dilivd of a son Last Sunday, her twelvth child and 5 son. Briant Fletcher had his arm Broke by the fall of a tree.   

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.