Martha Ballard's Diary, June 3 - 8, 1786

3 7
Very hot. old Mrs Cowin here & dind. her Husband card to jale for Debt. Mr Ballard gone to Cabese & Town meeting. I maid a Sheet & wed gardin. A thunder Shower. mr Lee & Brooks here, and mrs Shaw. Wm Keenady after me to See his wife. I was lame & did not go.   
4 A
Birth. Briant Fletchers Dafter. fee recd. XX
A very warm Day. I was Calld at 8 ys morn to Brian Fletchers. his wife in Travil & was Safe Delivd of a Dafter Betwen ten & 11. I returnd home at 5 aftern. mr Lee here foren. Benn Edwards, mr Wels & David Learned Dind here. I receivd 6/ of mr Fletcher. Beriah Ingerhams wife was Delivrd of a Dafter 30th of may, Extracted by old mrs Fletcher.   
5 2
Clear & Cool. ye girls washt. Mr Ballard was at Capt Suels. I went up ye Crik to Seek ye Calf, did nt find it. Cut wood for fire to wash. wint to Williamss . Isaac Cowen here ys Evinnig. I sent some pills and herbs to his wife.   
6 3
Clear & warm. mr Ballard Gone to Coart. mrs Gardy & Bolton Came here. Betsy Coburn & Hanh Mc Cathny, mr Twing & Jack North Drank Tea here. Cyrus Bought 4-1/2 lb Butter of Abrm Page. Gillbreath, Rufus Ballard, & Conerad Sleep here.   
7 4
at home. mr Gardy went to ye fort. Polly H. here of an Erand. I spun thread & knit. Danl Breakfasted here, means to Bord at Boltons from ys time.   
8 5
I spun some thread & wed gardin, a shower afternn. mrs Foster Came here, Polly and Sally also.   

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.