Martha Ballard's Diary, May 7 - 11, 1786

7 A
A very Rainy Day. I Did not attind worship. Mr Hamlin here directly from ye Westwd. Brt Letters from Broth Collins & one from Josiah Kingsbury. we Dind on a fine Legg of Cornd Pork stufft with green herbs from our Gardin. it rains part ys Evinng. I paid Polly Savage all yt we owd her yesterd by an order on Capt Davis which we answrd.   
8 2
a rainy day. Polly Hamlin here, mr Reed & Peny Blackman also, and Drank Tea wh us. mr Blanchard went to Georg Browns. Cyrus went to ye Hook for a Barl of Flower. this town mett & Gave ye Revd mr Foster a Call to Settle here. mr Ballard went to Mr Wm Gardners for monney Due but got none. I have been at home ys day.   
9 3
a Clear day. I Bakd Some flour Bread & Pumkin Pies. Broth Moore here. Mr Hamlin & Mrs Williams Drank Tea wh me. Mr Ballard & Nr Savage went to See their farm. Jono, Cowen & ye Bobinss makeing fence at Savage Boltons farm. Noah here to work. I have Been at home all ys day.   
10 4
A Clear day. I went to Mr Fosters, Calld at Williamss. ye girls washt & went to see Polly. Jono & Ephm gone after 66 Loggs wh wt adrift.   
11 5
Birth. James Moors Son.X
I was Calld at 4/O Clok to Brian Fletchers, his wife being unwell, but got better & her women went home. old mrs Fletcher & I went to Roberts aftern. I was Calld from there in hast to James Moors wife, being in Travill. Shee was Safe Delivrd of a Son at 10 Evinng. Calld from there to mrs Norriss who had took Cold, adminniStred Something which gave relief.   

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.