Martha Ballard's Diary, April 30 - May 6, 1786

30 A
A Rainy day. ye Revd mr Foster Preacht here. I attend Divine servis, went to mrs Westons in interm. mrs Suelle Sent for Salv. I sent her 1/2 an oz. Polly Hamlin Sleeps here ys night.   
1 2
A Showry Day. Hannah Gone to help Polly H.. it is Town meeting. Doct Coney Chosen to Represent ys Town in ye General Cort; mr Bullin Grandjuren. mrs Ellis was here, informs yt mrs Allin is very Low. ye Northern Ligt appears ys Eving. I sent 32 Skeins of Tow to mrs Chamberlin. mr Butlin & mr Taylor dind here.   
2 3
Pleast. I have been at home. mr Dexter & Son Sleep here. Dolly Set three Current Bushes.   
3 4
X Birth. mr Hoveys Dafter.X
I was Calld at 15 Muinits after 12 O/Clok to mrs Hovey, Shee being in Travill and was Safely deliverd at 8 ys morn of a Daughter, which wt 10-1/2 lb. I left her Comfortable; got home at Eleven. Receivd 6/ Shilling. Due for medisn 2/s. I went to See mrs Suall afternn, found her able to do her houshold work. went to Bed Early this Evening. ye girls washt & Scourd.   
4 5
Birth. mr Norriss Son.
I was Calld to thee hook to mrs Norris, Shee being in travil. Put her Safe to Bed with a son at 1/O Clock aftern. Returnd home at four. mr Cowen & Ephm here Setling wt mr Ballard. Due to them on Ballance 3/8. I Receivd 6/ of mr Norris, 2 remains Due. mrs Chamberlin Sent my Cloath, 31-1/2 yards. Polly Savage Brot home 7 Skeins & 5 knots of Tow yarn.   
5 6
X Birth. Joseph Fosters Son. X
I was Calld at 6/O Clok to mrs Foster in Travil who was Safely Deliverd of a fine Son at 8-3/4 O Clo[k] ys Evining. I Returnd at 2/. Left mrs Cowin with her. Lidia, Aron & Billy Sent to our hous, Sleep here ys night.   
6 7
Clear. Mr Ballard at mr Savagess. Hannah gone to Mr Fosters, his Children went home. Danl Boltons wife & Polly Savage here.   

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.