Martha Ballard's Diary, April 18 - 24, 1786

18 3
Birth. Mr Gillmans Dafter. X
A rainy Day. I was Calld to mr Gillmans at ye hook to See his wife in Travil, put her Safe to Bed at 5 aftern with a fine Dafter, her ninth Child. tarried all night. receivd my fee.   
19 4
it Raind. I returnd from mr Gillmans at 11. after dinner went to mr Westons & Colo Norths. the Spalldings Brot Loggs into ye Crick and Let some run by. Polly Savage Credit by 16 Skeins spinng of Tow which Shee brot home this day.   
20 5
A Clear day. the Girls washing. Mrs Chamberlin & Georg Boltons wife here & Drank Tea. mr Hodges workd here. Mr Ballard at Dr Coneys ys Evening. Danl went to the hook, Brot home 6 galns of Rhum, 2 lb coffee, 5 lb Sugar & Some Tobacco & 1-1/4 Bushl of Salt from Jos Williams for me, for assisting his wife in travil with her Last Child. I have Been at home ys day.   
21 6
a Clear Day. we Boild a Linning warp. I was Calld to mr Bisbes to See Lidia who is Sick with ye Disintary. Lost a Shoe of ye hors.   
22 7
Clear. Esqr Lovjoy Dind here, Oriah Cleark & his Son also. Son Town Came here. Polly Hamlin & Betsy Chever here. mr Ballard at mr Pollards aftern. X. I Lent Doct Coney six pennywt & a half X of X Rhubarb X. [sic] I have been at home ys Day.   
23 A
Clear. Son Town went from here. Polly Hamlin & Hannah went to mr Bisbes. Lidia is Better. Esqr Lovjoy here, Isaac Savage & his wife also.   
24 2
a loury morn. I carried 36 Skeins of Linng Warp to mrs Chamberlin to weave & 7 of Tow filling. a rainy afternoone. our gardin ploughd. mr Blanchard & Noah Woodward Came to work here.   

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.