Martha Ballard's Diary, April 13 - 17, 1786

13 5
A Clear, pleast day. ye Girls went to mr Westons. mr Densmoore killd a Swine for us which wd 276 lb. I spun some thread. Jono, Danl & Life carrd of Bords to Brooks. Jese to work ys day.   
14 6
A Clear & pleast morn. mr Voce at work here, Jese Crage also. Mrs Williams here, had a faint turn. Hannah went home with her. I have been at home, Spun Some thread.   
15 7
Clear. mr Voce workd here. I Doubled thread. we finisht Brewing a Barril & half of Beere. Friend Gardner Sleeps here. our yong men Brought 57 Loggs to ye Saw mill. mr Ballard fell off ye Raft into ye river. Mr Suell Calld me to see his wife, Shee Being in Travill. mrs Howard, Mc Master, Voce & Bellchir were assistants.   
16 A
X Birth Thoms Sualls Son XXX
Clear & pleast. mrs Suell Safe Delivrd at 3/O clok ys morn of a Son. I Left her Comfortable & returnd home at 01/O Clok; feele some fatagued. did not attend Divine Servis. Mr Foster, a yong Gentleman from Stafford, in ye state of Conneticut, performd. Capt Savages wife & mrs Fareley here in Intermision. receivd my fee July ye 1st of mrs Sewell.   
17 2
A Loury day. mr Ballard been to mr Gardners to put in his Crank. Mrs Farley here for releaff. thee girls moovd Beds up Stairs. There was a thief Whipt at ye post for Stealing Cloath fm mr Ebenz Farewell. I have been at home ys Day. Thee speckled Cow calvd. I have been today unwell, feel more comfortable ys Eving.   

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.