Martha Ballard's Diary, March 12 - 19, 1786

12 A
A Clear, pleast Day. I am Still Some unwell, did not attend divine servis, But my famaly did. Hannah Woodward Calld here on her return home. Shee had Slipt down & mudied her Cloaths very much. we Dind on Roast Spairrib.   
13 2
A Clear, warm Day. I have been at home ys Day. Mr Ballard went to Doctr Coneys ys morn. Mr Weston & Capt Savage here trying to find whether there was a mistake about a Bord a Count. Hannah & Dolly washt. Mr Searls here for Rie by order fm mr Brods.   
14 3
Clear. I have been at home. Mrs Farly here this night. mr Ballard been to Henry Babcoks. Jerry Babcok Dind here. Ephm Cowen Drest flax here. I hear yt mr Smith has returnd.   
15 4
Clear & warm. Hodges Drest flax here. I Comd 7 lb. have been at home to Day. Mr Ballard went to mr Westons.   
16 5
Snowd ys morn & Raind aftern & Eving. Mr Ballard gone to mr Pollards to meat ye meting hous Committy, & Settle with Asa Emerson. Jont is out ys Evinng. I have Comd 8-3/4 lb of flax to Day.   
17 6
A fine Day. Theoph & Polly Hamlin Came here. I Comd 7-1/2 lb of flax. at home all day.   
18 7
very pleast. I Comd 6-1/2 lb of flax. the ice moovd in ye river, jamd as Low as mr Brookss.   
19 A
very warm for march. ye ice on ye moove. a Breach Discoverd in ye Dam ys morn. our fammily all attended Devine Servis Except Eph & my Self. Neighbor Williams & wife here after meeting, Brooks & Davis also.   

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.