Martha Ballard's Diary, March 3 - 11, 1786

3 6
it raind all day. mr Ballard Been at mr Pollards. I have been at home. we killd 3 fouls.   
4 7
it raind. mr Bullin & wife Came home with mr Ballard. Shee tarried here all night. I have been at home. Jonos Birth Day Æ 23.   
5 A
a Clear Day. mr Bullin Came here ys morn. I Rode to meeting with them & Hannah with her father. Broth Town here ys night, Mr Pollard & Savag also. Georg Bolton Enformd he had heard Smith had hangd himself.   
6 2
the anual meeting. Capt Savegs wife & Sally & Polly Hamlin here. mr Bullin Slept here. Theoph Hamlin & James Burten Slept here. I have been at home all day, Finisht my [gloves]. mr Hamlet & Noble both dismist.   
7 3
ye meeting Continuud. mrs Williams Bakt here. Broth Town & Sheribiah, James [Stackpole] & Danniel Bullins Slept here. Ive been at home.   
8 4
a Clear Day, our friends took Breakfast & departed. Capt Savigs wife here [   ]. I am unwell ys day. mr Densmoor helpt Btcher a Swine which wd 264 lb.   
9 5
I am unwell. mr Ballard Gone to mr Suels with ye other Select Gentlemen to Settle with ye Revd mr Noble for preaching in ys town.   
10 6
A Clear Day. mr Ballard went to Cabasy, Hannah and Dolly to mr Pollards. I am unwell. Cyrus Brought hannahs Shoes home.   
11 7
I have been at home, feel unwell. mr Weston here to Settle with Mr Ballard. John Church also Setling about his Timbr which was Sawd on our mill. mr Foster brought Pollys Shoes home; new ones.   

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.