Martha Ballard's Diary, February 15 - 24, 1786

15 4
at mrs Fletchers yet. I hear mr Farley was gone away frm [family].   
16 5
Birth. C Clearks Dafter X.
I was Calld to Charls Clearks from mr Fletchers, put mrs Cleark to Bed with a Daughter about 3 O/Clok after noon; returnd at Sun Sett to mr Flechers. X X   
17 6
at mr Edward Savages to See his wife, find her very weak & Low.   
18 7
Birth Fletchers Dafter X
mrs Fletcher Calld her women again this morn & was Safe Deliverd of a Dafter at 5 O/Clock ys morn. ye Babe Seems Some unwell. I tarried all night. mrs Mc Knight Came there & tarried till morn, Said her husband turnd her out a Dorrs.   
19 A
I Came from mr Fletchers, Left her new Child very unComfortable. I attended worship. Revd mr Noble performed before noon & Revd mr Haselitt after noone.   
20 2
I was at home all Day, feel some unwell. this Day I am 51 years of age.   
21 3
I have been at home ys Day. mr Burten here. mr Ned Savage here, Enforms his wife is a little Better.   
22 4
I finishd my gloves & was Calld to Charles Clearks, his wife very unwell. I Sett up with her the most of ye night. Shee was attended with Some feaver.   
23 5
at Clearks. gave his wife a portion of phisic which gave her Releaf. I left her about 5 O/Clock & Came home upon ye river.   
24 6
it Snowd. mr Ballard gone to Broth Moors. David Learned here. I have been unwell ys [day]. when Jono got up this morn, he found a Chair in the fire part Burnt, a pair of Shoes & a pair of hoes of Cyruss, allso a coat of [      ].   

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.