Martha Ballard's Diary, February 7 - 14, 1786

7 3
Birth. Joseph Wilms Dafter X.
Mrs Willms Safe delivd of a Daughter at 5 morn, ye Child much spent but soon revived. I Left them Cleaverly. I returnd home at half after 1/O Clok. it Snowd. mr Church here & mr Smith. wilms Child Expird about midnight, I hear.   
8 4
Clear. I was at home. Mrs Mc Night & her Sister here & Dind. I mended my goun. hear yt mrs Goodin was Delvd of a Son that wt 12 lb.   
9 5
Clear & pleast. mr Ballard & I, mr Pollard & wife, went to mr Bullins. Dind & went to mr Barkers, Towns & Shaws. mr Bullin & wife & mrs Davis went with us. the men helpt two horses out of ye river. we spent ye Eving at mr Duttens very agreeable. Doct Cony & Lady there. we got home at 12 O/Clock.   
10 6
it Snowd ys morn. Cleard of pleast. I have been at home all day.   
11 7
I have been at home all day. mrs Willms here. mr Ballard went to Stedmans for pork. it is very Cold.   
12 A
Clear & Cold. we all attended Divine Servis Except Cyrus & Ephm. Clarrisa & Perthena Barton, Patty Bullin & Betsy Brown here at noone. Hannh & Dolly gone to Williamses ys Eving.   
13 2
I was Calld to Robert Fletchers at half after one ys morn, his wife   
14 3
[ ] unwell. thee women Calld & Tarried [till] Tuesday morn then Dismist, Shee [being] some more Comfortable but not [wishing] to Dismiss me So I am there yet.   

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.