Martha Ballard's Diary, January 30 - February 6, 1786

30 2
X Birth. John Babcs Dafter X.
I was Calld to John Babcocks wife being in Travil. Shee was Deliverd of a a Dafter at 5 O/Clock in Eving. A South wind & Smart rain. mrs Savage, Cowen, Babcock, Ellis & Stone & my Self tarrd all night.   
31 3
I returnd from Babcoks at 9 O/Clok morn. a Cloudy Day.   
1 4
Clear. I was Calld to mr Westons to Cutt yr infants Tongue. mrs Wstn gave me some Tea.   
2 5
Clear. Mr Ballard went to Brother Moores to Draw Some writings for him. I went to mrs Pollards where he met me and waited on me home. mr Weston & wife & Neighbour Savage there. We all Supt there & spent Evinng.   
3 6
Clear morn. I have been at home today. Revd mr Noble Came to Town yester dy.   
4 7
I have been at home ys Day. mr Williams & Crage & Brown Jun here giting wood. Jono Drove teame. mrss Coall & Gorden & mr Saml Fosters son Dind here. Savage Bolton Paid me for going to his wife & for medisin. 8/.   
5 A
I was unwell, had ye Collick. my famely, Except my Self & Ephm, attended worship.   
6 2
I feel unwell yt. Mr Ballard gone to Lay out Road from ye Hook towards [winthrop]. it Storms. ye Girls are washing. I was Calld to Joseph Williamses at ye hook, his wife in travil.   

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.