Martha Ballard's Diary, January 22 - 30, 1786

22 A
X Birth. Hatches Dafter XX.
Mrs Hatch Calld us up about Day break, thee women were Calld in and She was Safely Delivrd of a Dafter about Sun Set.   
23 2
it Raind. I Left mr Hatches at Day Break attended by mr Williams to ye County Road, from Jonstons by Agustus Ballard. arivd at home at 1 / aftern. some fatagud.   
24 3
Calld to mr Browns to See his Infant who is unwell. Bigan a Stockin for Cyrus.   
25 4
It Snowd fore noone. y girls washt. Old mrs Bolton & mrs Chamberlin Dind here. mr Savage Shod one pair oxen. Dolly went Fosters, had her Shoes mendd. I was at home all Day.   
26 5
Clear. I went to mr Williamss, staid till Eving then went to mr Westons; spent the Eving. mr Ballard brought me home. Savage Shod 1 pair oxen for us.   
27 6
Clear. Mr Ballard & Daninel went to ye Meddow. widdow Coy here with Black, Susy & Child. mr Leighton brot me two [  ] Fowls. Polly & Sally Fletcher & Betsy Chever here. I have been at home ys day.   
28 7
Clear. I was at home. Rachel faught & Marget & Polly Bisbei here. I Bot an apron patren of Rachel for 6/6.   
29 A
Clear & pleast. Josept Williams & wife & Isaac Savage dind here. Theopn & Polly Hamblin here ys Eving.   
30 2
X Birth. John Babcs Dafter X.
I was Calld to John Babcocks wife being in Travil. Shee was Deliverd of a a Dafter at 5 O/Clock in Eving. A South wind & Smart rain. mrs Savage, Cowen, Babcock, Ellis & Stone & my Self tarrd all night.   

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.