Martha Ballard's Diary, January 6 - 21, 1786

6 6
I feel some poorely. am Calld to go to mr Chamberlins to See his Babe. I found it much as it has been. Polly Bisbee & Hamlin here.   
7 7
A Cold day. I have been at home ys Day. I made 8 lb of Candles for mr Brooks & 4-1/2 lb for my Self. our men brought hay from ye meddow. Dolly fell Down Chamber & hurt her head.   
8 A
A Clear, Cold Day. I was Calld to mr Chamberlins to See his Child, found it very ill. I tarried all night. set up.   
9 2
mr Ballard Came after me & Brought me home from Chamblns. mr Mags Came after me to go to mrs Hatch. we Left our hous at 4/O Clock aftern, arivd there at 8/in Evng.   
10 3
at hatchs. Sister Wilams there. Death Chambs Child.   
11 4
Sister & I went to mr Ferwels.   
12 5
Siesd with a pain in my Ear.   
13 6
at Ditoes. remain unwell. it is Excessive Cold.   
14 7
at Ditoes. mrs Williams went to Magges.   
15 A
Siesd with the Collic.   
16 2
at Dos. ye Collic Still.   
17 3
Siesd with a pain in my Head.   
18 4
unwell Still.   
19 5
at hatches. feel some better.   
20 6
at Ditoes. mr Williams went home.   
21 7
Moderate. it began to rain ys Eving.   

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.