Martha Ballard's Diary, November 16 - 24, 1785

16 4
I was at home all Day. we had Roast Pigg & a Line of veal for Dinr. I heard yt Capt Savage & Hersy were so heavy they oversett their Canoe & fell into thee river.   
17 5
A very rainy morn. Mr Stratton & Nathn Howard Breakfastd here. it hath raind very much ys Day. the Corn mill Ceast grinding till finisht repairing. Polly Savage brought home my Cloath.   
18 6
Clear. I was at home all Day. mrs Chace Dind here. mr Hopkins began to moove the mill.   
19 7
Clear. I was at home. Cyrus went to Cobasy for Some pork & onions.   
20 B
I was Calld to Wm Cowens wife at 1 O/Clock in morn; found her very unwell. Mrs Thomas & I went into mr Stackpoles at Eving.   
21 2
X Birth. Cowens Dafter. XX
at Cowens Still, Shee unwell yet. Jonas Clearks infant had a fitt; they Calld me to See it. mrs Cowen Calld her women together this Eving. was Safely Delivd of a Dafter about ye middle of ye night & is Comfortable. fee & medisin 10/. May 5, 18001 recd 10/ by his Dagt [bitsy].   
22 3
I returnd from Cowens. Foster at work here. mr Ballard went to Doctr Coneys ys aftern to meete Select Gentlm.   
23 4
A Snow Storm. I was at home all Day. my throat Sore.   
24 5
mr Ballard Gone to mr Pollards. Clear. Soloman Pollard went from here, went on Board Capt Smith Bound for ye west Indies. Hannah & Dolly Gone to mr Westons. mr Sarls & [Lee] Drank Tea with us.   

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.