Martha Ballard's Diary, October 18 - November 1, 1785

18 3]
I was at home all Day. Dolly very unwell. I rose in ye night to take Care of her.   
19 4
Oct. I am at home. Dolly very unwell. Hannah & Polly washt. mr Ballard went to mr Hersys fore n, to the hook aftern. Wilm Stone Sent here for Campfr. I Sent him an ounce of tinct.   
20 5
I was at home. Richard Ridan & his Wife here. Capt Nichols here ys Evng. mr Ballard gone to ye hook. I was at home. mr Salvns Hatch & wife Came here. Capt Nichols here Bound to ye westward. he, Rubn Moore, Wilm & mr Eddy staid here this night.   
21 6
Birth. Dexters Dafter.
Eph Town Came here about Day for me to go to mr Dexters. we Left here at 7/O Clock, arivd at Dexters at 1 aftern; found his wife very ill. I removd thee obstruction and Deliverd her Safe of a fine Dafter about ye middle of ye night. it Stormd Severely as I was on my journey.   
22 7
I came from Dexters. it raind. I Cald to see Polly Dudley who is Extreemly Low & Sensless. Dind at Doct Bartons. got to fort western at dusk But Could not Cross ye river by reason of ye freshet. tard at Colon Howards. very Kindly Entertaind. his family very Sick yet.   
23 B
I Came over ye river & got home Safe, found Dolly Some more Comfortable. mr Hatch & wife went from here. it raind hard after they Left us. mr Woodward & his wife Dind here. Shee Staid at night.   
24 2
Clear Morn. mrs Woodward Dind here, then Crost thee Crick to go to mr Westons. mr Hopkins and mr Stanley Came in order to Fraim ye mill. Dolly & Ephm unwell. I was at home all Day. it thuntred & raind in the night.   
25 3
Cloudy & rainy. I was at home, did work about house; the Children better. hannah ironed and Parthena & Dolly spun Cotton.   
26 4
I was at home all Day. Cyrus Conducted Parthena homeward as far as mr Faughts. mr Kidder and his wife Slept here. mrs Woodward went home from Colon Howards, acompanied by mr Pollard.   
27 5
A Clear, fine Day. mr Kidder went from here on ye way home. mr Brooks after his Bread we Baked. mr Hopkins & Stanly went away at noone. I did hous work, was at home all Day. felt unwell ys Evening.   
28 6
I Left home about three O Clock PM, went as far as Daviss Store. was Calld to Colon Howards to asist Mrs Pollard & Bisby Lay out ye Corps of his wife just now Deceast. his Children yet very Sick. I returnd home a Little after Sun Set.   
29 7
I went to Ditos Before noone. his wife interd ys aftern; a Larg number attended. I tarried all night & watcht with Polly & Peggy.   
30 B
I Came home from ye fort about noone, attended worship aftern. mrs Jesse Koofe Slept here. Saml Bullin & Epn Cowen also.   
31 2
X Birth. Capt Springrs Dafter.
I was Calld at 10 O Clock in ye morn in haste to Capt Jobe Springers wife in travil, who was safe X Delvd Soone after my arival there of a Dafter. Left ym Both Comfortable and X returnd Before night. the Birth at 2 O clock.   
1 3
Birth. mr Westns Son.
I was Calld to Mrs Westons at 1 O/Clock in morn, Shee being in Labour; was Delivred of a Son at 7 in ye morn. I returnd home about one aftern. Left ym Comfortable. mr Hopkins & Stanley here. Polly Fletcher Came to nurs mrs Weston. mr Ballard Been with ye Courts Committee on the Roads from ye River to winthrop & west & to ye Country Road East ward, which they have Laid out.   

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.