Martha Ballard's Diary, September 18 - October 7, 1785

18 B
rainy. I went to Chamberlins to see their Babe.   
19 2
I went to mrs Fosters. Brought home my [sheets] she mended. Let Polly Barton have them.   
20 3
I was at home all Day. mr Oriah Cleark [&] his wife here.   
21 4
I was Calld to Chamberlins to see yr Babe; heard by mrs Savage yt Lucy was unwell.   
22 5
Birth Leightn Son X
I was Calld To mr Leightons, his wife being in Travil. Left home at ten foren, arivd there at two aft. found her Safely Delivd of a Son, the opperation performd by Solo Leightons wife.   
23 6
I left mrs Ltn Comfortable. arivd at home three after noon. Some fatagud ye rid[en]. Dolly brot my Cloath from Edsons.   
24 7
a Cloudy Day, began to Rain at 9 in Eving. I was at home all Day. Bakd Some Pumpkin Pies.   
25 B
A great rain & freshit. mr Savig & Chamb[len] & Eph Cowen here all night. Danel & Life tend [mill].   
26 2
Sheribiah Town Came here for me to go to mr Dex[ters] up Sebestacook. I Left home at four O/Clock P.M. arivd there a little before Twelve. found mrs Dexter very ill with thee Mumps. fixt her a remedy and Shee mended soon. I tarried there & at Son Towns till october ye sixth, then came home by water attended by Capt Hale & Shereb Town. they brought a barl of fish from mr Stratens for us. Daught Towns babe been unwell, Some [better].   
6 5
arivd at home from Dexters. found Clarrisa Barton here on a visit.   
7 6
Clear. I went to mr Westons, found him and his wife Both unwell. I am calld at mr Pollards. mrs Hodges there.   

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.