Martha Ballard's Diary, September 10 - 17, 1785

10 7
Birth. Hodges Dafter. fee Receivd. X
mrs Hodges was Safely Delivrd of a Dafter at 6/O Clock ys morn. I returnd home at Ten, Left her Comfortable. Hannah & Polly returnd from mr Towns. Left ym all well. Cyrus Conducted Polly home & brought his Cloath from Edsons.   
11 B
I got ready to go to Esqr Howards & it raind & I put it by. I was Some unwell aftern. mr woodward & mr Savige & wife here after meeting. Enformd yt mrs Mc Masters had Got to Bed & her Child was deceast, ye funeral tomorrow. This is Cyruss Birth Day; aged 29 years.   
12 2
I went to Esqr Howards to take Care of Alvin Weeks & Polly Briant who were Sick of a feaver. Capt Nickols & Silas Eddy here from Oxford. I was Calld to mr Chamberlins, his wife in travil at about ten in Eving. John Comings Come there after me to go to Benn Whites of winthrop but I could not be dismist.   
13 3
Birth. Chamberlins X Daftr.
I was at Chamberlins all day. Shee was deliverd at six O/Clok aftern of a Dafter. I left there about ten & came home Some fatagud. I was at home, mr Ballard at Pits Town.   
14 4
I was at Chamberlins & Fosters. Jonathan watch with Alvin Weeks at Esqr Howards. I was at home. mr Ballard Came from Pits town .   
15 5
I was at Chamlns & Fosters. Thunder & rain at Night. Alvin Weeks Departed this Life in ye night.   
16 6
I attended funeral of mr Weeks, tarried at Esqrh this night. took Care of Polly & Suck.   
17 7
Came from ye fort & went to Chamberlins. Dolly returnd from Son Towns, Left them Comfortable. mr Ballard Still at Sebestack.   

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.