Martha Ballard's Diary, August 7 - 18, 1785

7 B
Polly went home, ye Girls went with her attendd by Cyrus. I was at home all Day.   
8 2
At home all Day. ye Girls Washd.   
9 3
At home all Day. ye Girls Spinng.   
10 4
Augusts Ballard Came for Alice. I was Calld to mr Edsons to see his Burnt foot; found it Bad. Drest it & Left some Salve.   
11 5
X Birth. Churcths Daftr. XX
Calld to mr Churches about Day, She being in travil. was Deliverd about 5/O Clock P.M. of a Dafter, ye operation performd by mrs Winslow.   
12 6
I was at mr Edsons. Doctrs Williams & Coleman there to See his foot which he Burnt.   
13 7
I was at home. mrs Gardy Came here.   
14 B
Clear. I was unwell, Did not attend meeting. mrs Foster, Caty Cool & Polly Hamblin here.   
15 2
Clear. Mr Dillino & Wife & mrs Savage here; Mr & mrs Taylor, mr Page also. I was at home all Day. mrs Gardy went from here ys morn.   
16 3
I was unwell with a Cold. took a walk a little before Sun Set as far as mr Westons. Calld at Colonl Norths to See her. Shee being unwell. found her Some Better   
17 4
Clear. I was very feeble, at home all Day. ye Girls Brewing, Bleaching yn & Spinning. mr Smily tarrid here Last night, Breakfasted. mr Ballard went to Pitts town. Saw Shere Town at Doct Williams going to See Leut Haile, he being Sick.   
18 5
At home. I went to ye field, Raked Some hay. Our men brought ye hay all in from ye meddow.   

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.