Martha Ballard's Diary, July 17 - 25, 1785

17 B
Clear. I attended funeral of old mr Thorn. Capt Fillbrook made a prayer on the ocasion. The Corps were Carried by water to [   ] & there interd. I returnd from grave with Esq. Pettee & mrs Craggin. Leut Browns Lady went to Son Towns. mr Dexter & Capt Hale & Lady there. Betsy went to ye Grave to attend funeral mr Thorn. mrs Collar was Delivd Last night of a dead Child.   
18 2
Clear morn. mrs Brewer & Polly Fouler here. at Son Towns all Day. rain & thunder aftern.   
19 3
Clear. I went to See mrs Collar. mr Dexter & Straten there. Daughter Town unwell at Eving.   
20 4
Clear. mr Thos Suel at Son Towns this Morn. Lucy & I went to mr Dexters for water to Drink.   
21 5
Clear Morn, Cloudy aftern. I finisht footing a pair of hoes for Lucy. Betsy & I went to ye field & got Sennakle root, then went down to mr Stackpols; Drank Tea there.   
22 6
Clear & hott morn. Joseph Town at Son Towns. I was there all Day. fixt to go Down with Nathan Howard but Lucy Thought it not best. Betsy went to mr Crosbys for Cloath; brought Some home.   
23 7
Birth. Son Towns Daftr. XX
Clear, hotte morn & very hott Day. Daugt Town unwell all Day. Calld her woming together about two O Clok aftern; was Safely Deliverd of a Dafter at 7 O Clok, but Somewhat weak. I Set up with her all night. mrs Straten Tarid, Slept with Betsy.   
24 B
Clear & hott. I left mr Towns at 10 o Clok in ye morn, arivd at home about Six. I left Lucy Comfortable as Could Expect. Son Town Came home wth me. Was Enformd yt mrs williams was Delivd Last friday of two Sons, one of which Expird soon.   
25 2
Clear. mrs foster here. Polly Taylor unwell. I went to Doct Coneys for Some medicin for mrs Straten. Pollard stubd his foot to Day.   

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.