Martha Ballard's Diary, June 14 - 23, 1785

14 3
Clear. I went to mr Savages to see Hannah. We killd our Calf & Baked & Churnd.   
15 4
Clear. mrs Bisby & Polly & Hannah Crage here. I receivd a line from Daughter Town & Rote an answere which I finished at 11 O Clok this Eving. I was at home all Day.   
16 5
Clear & hott, a Shower after noone. I was at home all Day. mr Ballard Bought 1/2 a Barl of Pork & a Tea Kettle. it Thunders tonight. I had news of Brother Moores Saw mill being Consumed by fire, also near 70 thousand of good Boards belonging to Georg Brown.   
17 6
Rainy. I was at home all Day. we set Cabbage plants.   
18 7
Rainy. I was at home ys Day. we Brewd and Spun [sash].   
19 B
Clear. I attendd meeting at ye meeting hous. went to mr Westons at Intermition. mr Coney made a prayer & Read a sermon in ye morn. mr Babcok performd afternoon.   
20 2
I went with mr Ballard to Doct Coneys to See his house raisd. James Cowen Came home with us, tard all night.   
21 3
Birth. Bunker Farwells Dafter. X
I was Calld at two O Clok in morn to go to Bunker Farwells; got there at Sun rise. I put mrs Farwells to bed at 2 in ye afternoon; returnd home at Eleven Eveng. had a fit of ye cramp & fainting also. Dolly got up & brought ye Lavender which revivd me much. mr Farwell Gave me 7s:4d for my performance.   
22 4
I am very unwell but, hearing my Son & Daugtr Town were unwell, venturd to Set out to see them. Cyrus went with me. We Left home at 12 o Clock.   
23 5
I am Still unwell. mr Town & wife Some better. Cyrus Set out on his Return home before noone.   

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.