Martha Ballard's Diary, June 4 - 13, 1785

4 7
Clear. mrs Gardy went from here to Colon Norths. Hannah & Polly Hamblin went with her. I was very unwell; at home all Day. mr Twing brought mr Ballards Breachs.   
5 B
Clear. I was Cald to mr Suels to See his wife; found her very unwell but Left her more comfortable about the middle of the Day. found Sister Williams & Doctr Barton here. I was calld to Danl Boltons; She being poorly.   
6 2
At Boltons. made a pair of Trouses for Jimmy.   
7 3
Came from Boltons & went mr EdSons to Carry my web to weave. was at mr Westons.   
8 4
Clear. mrs Foster here to mend my quilt. Woodward Allins wife here. I was at home to Day.   
9 5
Birth. Danl Boltons Dafter. X
I was Calld in haste to Danniel Boltons, his wife being in Travil. Shee was Safely Deliverd at about twelve O Clok of a fine Dafter. I left her very Comfortable & Returned home before Sun Sett. fee not paid. it rains tonight. I finishd my 4th pair of Toe hoes.   
10 6
Cloudy. I went to mr Pollards afternoone. mr Hodges Set out for Boston. I began mr Ballard a pair of hoes woolin.   
11 7
Clear. I finished mending my quilt. the Girls went to Forbess. mr Ballard returnd from Court; brought 2 quart Basons & 2 pint Dito. I was at home all day.   
12 B
Our fammily went to mr Suels to meting. I was Cald to Isaac Savages to See Hannah, She being unwell.   
13 2
I went to mr Churches & Suels & Esqr Howards. mr Witham & wife & Son tarried here. Polly Taylor came at night. Polly Hamblin went to mr [ ] this morning.   

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.