Martha Ballard's Diary, May 4 - 14, 1785

4 4
Clear, windy. Capts Howard & Smith Came up to mr Pollards Eddy. I was at home all Day. mr Blackman & Sister here from ye Westward.   
5 5
Clear. I went to Doctr Coneys By water with Cyrus. paid ye Doctrs Bill for my Sickness Last Decembr which was 9:6. On our return were obliged to Call mr Mc masters ascistance to get by ye rock. I Calld at mr westons; found her very ill. tard all night.   
6 6
Clear. was at mr Westons. his Sloop Came up. his wife rode out, is more Comfortable. mr Ballard & I went on Bord Capt Smith, Bought Some [flanl], returnd home. Son Town tard here.   
7 7
Cloudy & Chilly. I was at home. Capt Nichols & Reubin Moore Drank Tea here. mr Williams tard all night. Polly Savage here; brought yarn.   
8 B
Cloud. I was at home. mr Williams went away from here this morn. Collins Moore, mr Davis & Thos Mc keckny here. Polly Savage here; Drank Chocolat.   
9 2
Clear. Hannah & Dolly washd & Scourd. Old mr Whealer here & Dind. mr Ballard Gone to Settle wt mr Gardner, Pirkins & Moore for Building yr Mill. I weighd ye pork; wt 205 lb.   
10 3
Clear. Mr Straten & Hayward Brought yr Logs. I was at home all Day. Wm Cowens wife here.   
11 4
Clear. Town meeting. I Combd Flax after noone. at home all Day.   
12 5
Clear. I was at home. Comd flax. yee Gerls Brewd.   
13 6
Clear. Our gardin was fenced. mr Foster here. I Comd flax. was at home all Day.   
14 7
We Began to make our gardin. I finisht Combing flax. Polly Savage went to mr Westons, took [               ]. I was at home all Day. It Raind ys night.   

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.