Martha Ballard's Diary, April 25 - May 3, 1785

25 2
thee ice went out of the river, Backd the water up to the Lower flour of ye Grist mill. ye Jamm remoovd about Six O clok. Theops & Cyrus Tendid Saw mill till three in morn.   
26 3
Mrs Foster here; Dind. I was at home all Day. Jonathan hurt his foot with a Slab. mr Bullins Barn Burnt yesterdy at 11 O Clok in morn.   
27 4
at home. mr & mrs Forbes, Peggy & Poly Savage Drank Tea here. mr Ballard Gone to Colo Howards mill to Repair it. hannah movd her Bed up Chamber.   
28 5
Clear. mr Ballard gone to Ditoes. John Pinkam here for herbs for his Child thats unwell. the ice runs in the river this Day. mr Forbes here, made me a prest of a Ladle. I was at home all day.   
29 6
mr Weston here. Desird me to go to his hous, his wife being unwell. I watkd there. mr Ballard Came after me at Eving; rode home. it raind this Eving.   
30 7
Chilly. I was at home. Brother Moore & mr Haws, mr Forbes & wife & Peggy, Dind here & Capt Hatch, mr Edson, also mrs Savage, Drank Tea. I had three Brooms of mr Smith. Let him have 3:4d in cash & 1 lb of Coffee. Our Saw mill stopt by ye Back water. A Great Cry for provision. no Vesils arived yet. ye ice run this Day.   
1 B
Clear. the ice runs to day. I heard from Son Town by mr Lewis; all well. I was at home ys Day.   
2 2
Clear & Cool. I was at home. mr Chamberlin here. I mendid Cyruss Boys Trousers. mr Taylor Dind here.   
3 3
Clear. Capt Nichols of OXford here; our friends all well. Hannah & Dolly went to mr Crages & mr westons. Benn Brown Drank Tea with us.   

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.