Martha Ballard's Diary, March 5 - 17, 1785

5 7
Clear Morn. mrs Wing, Suelle & Gershm Cox came here, Dind & Drank Tea. Poll Savage to Tea. Isaac Savage Dind. it Began to Snow at 1 oClok. Lucy & hannah went to Brookss, Dolly to Esqr Howards.   
6 B
Clear. mr Ballard & I & Daughter Town went to mr Westons & mr Pollards at Evening.   
7 2
Clear & Pleast. Biah Town, Betsy, mrs Stackpole & Sally Dind here. Betsy Thommas here Afternoon. Jono & Carpt Winslow here & Supt. Lucy & I went to Colo Norths with mrs Stpl. mrs Comings & mrs Suole there.   
8 3
Clear. Daughter Town went home. mr Ballard went To Doct Coneys on Publik Buisness. I was at home all day, Doubled Cyruss Cottn yarn. finisht my [ ].   
9 4
Snowd. mr Ballard brought home a yoak of oxen which he Brought of Moses White. I was at home all day. Hannah twistd Cyruss yarn.   
10 5
Cloudy morn, Clear aftrn. mr Forbes & John here, made Ephms Coat & waist Coat. Hannah washt. I was at home all Day.   
11 6
Clear & Cold. mrs Foster here. I was at home all Day. Colo North, mr Brooks & mr Ballard Layng out Road.   
12 7
Clear. I went to ye Hook; Carried Dolly to try on hr Gown.   
13 B
Cloudy, wind at S.E. Began to Snow at 5 PM. Isaac Savage here Eving. I was at home all Day.   
14 2
A Snow Storm. mr Ballard at Polds. Jannie Robbins hr. I helpt Hannah Barton Do hous work. At home all Day.   
15 3
Snowd in ye morn, Clear aftrn. Annual Meeting to Day. mrs Forbes here to Bake; Dind with me. I was at home all Day. Dolly finnisht a Shirt for Ephm.   
16 4
Clear. mr Ballard at Town meating & at Lectur. Revd mr Miller of Brunswick performd ye Exercise. Hannh, Dolly & Cowen attended. Hannah Crage & Jesse, mr Bullin & Brown & yr wives here. mrs Brown unwel. Shee & mrs Bullin Slept here. at home ys Day.   
17 5
Clear & Cold. mr Bullins & mrs Brown Breakfasted here. mr Bullin Dind. Balld & he went to Coln Norths. our Girls washd. Isaac Savig Supt here. I was at hm ys Dy.   

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.